Can any Dark Horses Make an Impact on the Remainder of the NBA Season?

2016 Dunk Contest

In the first part of the NBA Season 2015-2016, lots of intrigue has been observed. Historic beginning has been observed for Warriors with 24-0. It has become possible to notice a rise of Kristaps Porzingis. The season has been shaken up completely with the coaching effort of Cavaliers. They have got rid of David Blatt to increase their chances.

Therefore, it is quite hard to predict about the second half of the season.

Prediction for the Finals

Bet on Warriors instead of Cavaliers

During the game between the Cavaliers and Thunder, lots of things have been noticed. Thunder have been preferred by the experts (online bookmakers) in most occasions. For a closer look at the odds, check out this bet365 review here. However, game in the first half has made the expert select the Warriors instead of Cavaliers. It is believed that Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and Kevin Durant are healthy and they may remain so till the end of the season. Improvement is expected from the defense line of The Thunder. Billy Donovan may influence others to pass the ball between each other. In the route to the final play, they may able to upset multiple teams. According to the prediction, there are three super powers in the western region. However, Dubs is leading the pack.

Initial prediction about the Warriors has been that they may go to the finals once again to claim the title for the second time. Experts are sticking to this initial prediction till now. They cannot find a reason to revoke it. Problems have been noticed in the coaching front. However, they have still managed to stay as the best team from the eastern conference. The team is certainly better than last year’s team. Therefore, complete faith can be retained on this team. Defense of the team has become more ruthless and deeper. Therefore, it is quite hard to pick a team against them. The Warrior has played exceptionally well in high profile matches. Low power of the Eastern Region can be reason behind this situation.

Spurs are better than the Cavaliers

In the middle of the season, it is not ideal to change the team members or pick new players for the team. It may hamper the morale of the team. However, alteration may be expected with a gruesome injury. Every prediction of the season has been shattered by The Warriors. Still now, The Spurs can be chosen over The Cavalier for few reasons. Best point of difference has been presented by the teams of Cleveland and Antonio. From different aspects, San Antonio has been considered the best. From the east end, Cleveland has been holding the best record at home and offense.

Dark Horses: Through the 1st half of the 2016 NBA Season, dark horses have not been observed yet. Three teams mentioned have entered in to the tournament as the favorite. They have retained their position over the course. Strength of these teams has increased further with the time. Both LeBron and Tim Duncan are expected to meet each other in Finals. The situation can be altered only if The Warriors interferes. Unexpected entrant may not be observed in the process.

How to Make Novelty Food

The process of making novelty food is still unknown in various parts of the world. Japanese food models are brought on the stage according to the requirement of hour. In case the food is eaten by an actor then it needs to be replaced with the real or a prop food. If the food is only used as a display on stage then it is better to go with the plastic food display.

Diverse purposes of practical nature can be served by Japanese sampuru. It can be used in a super market, restaurant and retail store. In order to make plastic food, different kinds of techniques and materials are used. From the imagination of the artist, novelty food is created. Through simple techniques, artificial display food can be made within the periphery of home. Elements require to create food prop is quite easy to find as well.


By walking past a display of novelty food, it is possible to discover the delight. It is made specially to attract the attention of customer. So, how these Japanese food models are made. It is possible to come across an exciting process in due course. The plastic food cannot be eaten quite naturally. If you look through the process of making fake food display then materials like wax, paint and plastic can be found on the way.

Fake cabbage can be created quite effortlessly. Due to incorporation of realistic colors, it is quite hard to distinguish. By amalgamating both the green and white, color for the cabbage can be made.

By spraying shellac on the real food, it is possible to create faux food. Through the process, it becomes possible to make an actual food inedible. Permanent nature can be offered to the food in due course. Shellac is considered as varnish with rubbery nature that can be easily purchased from a hardware store. Due to use of this technique, food can become wet. Therefore the technique must be used exclusively for the food items with sheen.

To create a leafy vegetable, it is possible to use green fabric. It can be cut out according to the shapes and size of in order to get perfect vegetable. Similar method can be used with the leaves as well.

Ice Cream

Liquid solution is used for the making slices of pineapple, cherries, peaches and oranges. Solution can be poured in to a bowl of hot water with amalgamation of colors in order to get blocks of colors. It can be cut according to your preference to obtain perfect dimension for above items. For shaping, both the knives and scissors can be used. It is possible to use whip cream made from artificial material in the bowl. It can be recognized as the Japanese food models.

In a cup everything must be placed according to your preference in order to get a perfectly flavored ice cream. However, it cannot be eaten as it is a novelty food. The exceptional art of making fake food cannot be learned in a days or months. Years of practice is required to achieve perfection.